1. Q:Which Bluetooth version does this Bluetooth headset support?
A: It supports all devices and phones with bluetooth version 5.0. and below.

2. Q:How to charge these Bluetooth headphones?
A:Please put the earphones into the charging case and close the lid. The LED light will turn red in the charging case and go off after full charging.


3. Q:What is the capacity of the charging box for this Bluetooth headset?
A:The battery capacity of the charging case is 3000 mAh. It can charge headphones over 20 times.

4. Q:How long does this Bluetooth headset play after every charge?
A:The playback time is up to over 3.5 hours in the stereo mode. And in the mono mode,it can play for over 4 hours.


5. Q:Can I pick up the call with this Bluetooth headset?
A:Yes. Just tap the touch control panel on either side(L/R) to answer the call. If you want to reject the incoming call, please long press the touch control panel on either side.

6. Q:Can I directly switch songs without the phone?
A:Yes. Previous: Double clicks on the L-earphone Next: Double clicks on the R-earphone


7. Q:Can I adjust the volume directly via headphones?
A:Yes. Turn up the volume: Long press the R-earphone. Turn down the volume: Long press the L-earphone.

8. Q:How to turn them off?
A:The headphones will automatically shut down after you put them in the charging box. You can also turn them off by long pressing the headsets in standby mode.


9. Q:How to wake up Siri?
A:Tap the earphone three times in the standby or playback mode.