1. Q: Can I switch to the next song with the earphones ?
A: Sure.You just need to press either of the earphones for about 3s.

2. Q: Why can't the left and right earphone connect to each other?
A: Please put the earphones into the charging case and delete the pairing record on your phone. Then pair them with your phone again.

3. Q: Can I use left or right earphone alone?
A: Yes. You can use the left or right earphone separately.

4.Q: Will these headphones be compatible with the phone and pc with Bluetooth 4.0?
A: Yes, these earphones are Bluetooth 4.2 version. Bluetooth headphones are more compatible.

5. Q:How long do these Bluetooth earphones play after every charge?
A:The playback time reaches over 3.5 hours in the stereo mode. And in the mono mode, it can play for over 4 hours.